Hip Hop Season

Hip Hop Season is a side project of mine where I review non-mainstream hip-hop music and blog about my thoughts about all things related to hip hop music and the culture. I built this as a custom Wordpress theme.

Hip Hop Season

The Client

Hip Hop Season is a passion project done for myself. I’m an avid listener of hip hop music, mostly non-mainstream or underground specifically. I felt the need to create this website because there isn’t enough platforms where people review non-mainstream hip hop music.

The Goal

The goal was to create a website where people can go to and read long-form non-mainstream hip hop music reviews. I wanted the reviews to be straight to the point and I also wanted to build in a 100 point rating system with four review categories. Also, I wanted a good amount of white space to help the user have a pleasant reading experience.

The Results

In the end, I built a website that is 100% responsive on all devices and has a lot of white space. On each review, the first paragraph is a summary of what I thought of the project so the user gets a glimpse of what I thought before diving into the rest of the review. Also, each review has scores broken out for the four different review categories.