Emeche Wells

Emeche Wells is an athlete, photographer and blogger and needed a website to start building an online presence. Built with WordPress and customized to match his branding.

Emeche Wells

The Client

Emeche Wells is an athlete, professional photographer and blogger who cares about sharing his experiences with anyone who plans on playing sports throughout college. Although he was new to marketing himself online, he had a pretty large following on other social media platforms. The website that he wanted would need to have the ability to be easily updated at will.

More importantly, he stressed that since he’s a professional photographer, he would need a way to organize, display and edit photography projects to promote his work.

The Goal

The goal was to create a beautiful, functional website where Emeche could showcase his photography, artwork, blog and basketball journey. Seeing that he was new to website maintenance, it was also a goal of mine to make the website very easy to update as his brand gets more established.

When it came to creating the photography projects on the site, I really wanted to make it as easy as humanly possible.

Seeing that he’s also a blogger, having a well laid out display was an absolute must. I thought that by staggering the size of blog posts, it would help the reader scan blogs that they might want to read. Also, this would would very well on smaller devices.

The Result

Emeche’s new website is 100% responsive on all devices. It’s clean, professional and reflects Emeche’s personality. The focus of the new site was the blog posts so that is featured at the top of the homepage with an interesting layout to capture attention.

I’ve spoken with him since the launch and he’s glad that the photography section is super easy to add, remove and edit projects.