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Front-end Developer. UI Designer. Good Person.

What’s up? I’m Traek, and welcome to my partition of the internet when I share what I'm learning and show what I've built.

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Stuff I've Built

Stuff I've built through trial and error, a lot of breaks and just hoping that everything worked. Check out some of my smaller stuff here on CodePen.

Hip Hop Season

Hip Hop Season

Hip Hop Season is a side project of mine where I review non-mainstream hip-hop music and blog about my thoughts about all things related to hip hop music and the culture. I built this as a custom Wordpress theme.

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The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf

An website that allows users to discover new books, create a list of books to read later and review the books they've read.

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Stuff I've Written

Sharing what I've learned in the hopes of solidify the knowledge and helping others however I can.

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Impossible List

An impossible list is a catalog of challenges that you have given yourself. Unlike a bucket list which is static and gets smaller as you complete the items, an impossible list will grow and evolve with you as you live.

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